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Re: [edlug] Is Open Source a Viable Business Alternative?

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Greg Lewin wrote:

> Peter G. Hancock wrote:
> > About 20 years ago they were doing lots of things I thought were cool.
> > Particularly re-engineering CICS using formal specifications (Z).
> > Anything of any interest in transaction processing seemed to be
> > done by IBM people.  They invented VM.
> What VM - do you mean Virtual Memory? I thought that was invented in the
> UK, at Manchester.

Possibly refers to virtual machine. The AS/400 has an abstraction layer
called the Machine Interface (MI) that provides a kind of virtual machine
that the whole of OS/400 and user applications run on top of. IBM have
managed to change almost all hardware in an AS/400 (including the CPU when
they moved to PowerPC) without having to rewrite (or maybe even rebuild)
the operating system. The MI concept probably pre-dates AS/400.


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