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[edlug] Is Open Source a Viable Business Alternative?

I thought list members would be interested in this forthcoming free debate, and I quote;
"ScotlandIS with generous support from Melville Craig, presents software's liveliest debate 'Is Open Source a Viable Business Alternative?'
Thursday, 25th March 2003, 5.30PM-8.00PM
The Merchants' Hall, 22 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2EP
with Brad Tipp, UK National Systems Engineer, Microsoft
and Mike Robinson, Linux and Grid Regional EBO Leader, IBM
'Microsoft takes on the challenge from Open Source'
Bringing the debate to industry, this ScotlandIS event offers you an exciting opportunity to listen to both sides, and take advbantage of some serious networking opportunities in the grand surroundings of the Merchants' Hall, Edinburgh.
5.30 - registration, refreshments
6.00 - intro - Euan Robertson, Deputy Chair, ScotlandIS
6.05 - debate - Microsoft and IBM
6.50 - Q&A
7.15 - refreshments/networking
8.00 - close
To reserve your place, email julie.anderson@xxx.xxx.xxx or phone her on 01506 472 200"
Should be a cracking event, hope to see a lot of us there. Serious job/networking opportunities for all.
Peter George
Training Manager
Net Resources Ltd
26 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, EH12 5AL
T: 0131 477 7127  F: 0131 477 7126
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