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[edlug] Install Fedora to SCSI HD woes - followup

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 23:34, Joe Barnett wrote:

> My next try is to unplug the ATA drive leaving only SCSI. Here we go for
> another shutdown....  What are you doing Dave???

Wakes with a start....  

Fedora reports no hard drives found and presents a list of drivers to
choose from.  I loaded the driver disk as the Advansys module was not in
the original list. Choosing Advansys, I proceeded to find still no hard
drives found.  

Fedora ? price 10/6  Thats 52.5p in new money.  Where oh where have I
gone wrong?

Joe Barnett <joe-barnett@xxx.xxx.xxx>

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