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Re: [edlug] Samba problem

David R. Baird wrote:

Nothing comes up in the Samba logs when I try to connect, so it seems the XP box isn't speaking. I'll spend some time hunting down this device driver error. From the information various people have sent me, I'm pretty sure the Samba service is set up fine. Maybe I'll try with my old Win98 box just to confirm.

Have you checked to make absolutely sure that there are no firewall rules running on the Linux box? Also, have you checked to see if any traffic at all is reaching the Linux box from the XP box?

(Former; 'ipchains --list' or 'iptables --list', depending on version. If you want to make sure that the firewall is off, do 'ipchains --flush' or 'iptables --flush'. Latter; 'tcpdump host' where the address is that of the XP box)

Also watch out for misinformation - I'm sure that I saw someone earlier saying something like "Samba does not provide WINS" which is more than slightly innacurate!

Angus Rae
Science & Engineering Support Team
EUCS, University of Edinburgh
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