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Re: [edlug] kphone and fwd

On Monday 08 March 2004 12:06, Welby McRoberts wrote:
> Catriona & Anand wrote:
> >What a great idea. What facilities would you need for the
> > talk/demonstration?
> >
> >Anand
> >-
> Depending on what was beeing demontsrated it could be as little as a
> projector and i would bring along everything else. Ideally however a
> projector and a phone line (to demonstrate the FXO (interfaceing with a
> PSTN line) part of asterisk)
> Also a hub/switch and a few powersockets. but that goes without saying
> really :P
> Welby

I think it would be a shame to have a talk without a decent demo. Can anyone 
suggest a venue where a 'phone line would be available? If none springs to 
mind, I could look into it.

Also, it would be useful if people could post to say whether they were 
interested, so that we would know the numbers.

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