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[edlug] Postgres authentication question

Trying to get the horde (http://www.horde.org/) working under Fedora core1 using a postgres database and it's failing to authenticate. I think I understand why but just wanted to check as nothing is being logged.

As delivered on FC1, pgsql is configured (pg_hba.conf) with very restrictive authentication '... ident sameuser' which requires that my linux userid and pgsql userid must match. The upshot of this is that a PHP script (which must run as 'apache') can't open a database as pgsql user 'horde'. Supporting evidence for this theory is that the postgres user can't open a db as user 'horde' either.

I assume I have to relax the authentication to allow apache to log in as one or more other database users. If so, is it best to enumerate these userids explicitly or set up a postgres group and add users to that group?. My inclination is for an explicit list.


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