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Re: [edlug] Docs howto's and tutorials

There is the highly popular: http://linuxquestions.org/

you may want to just help out with their new wiki:


as a Mandrake user I use:


I just download Mandrake 10 by Bit Torrent yet to update my machince.

If you have decent amount of RAM try azureus for BitTorrent downloads, you need tohave Jave Runtime Environment first.

I also often just ask on relavent internet relay chat channel on freenode.net
one often has to wait a while for an answer, and make sure one does try and find answers in docs first.


Space Bunny

paul@xxx.xxx.xxx wrote:

Hi everyone I am currently workin on a wee website as a personal project.
This is progressing well however the point of the site is to get together
usefull docs and howto's. I was wandering if anyone here could recomend
any good ones
whether they are for software or hardware.

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