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[edlug] [free] Obselete HP Workstation

Really old kit - I got it free from a patron of ed.general and learned loads about HP flavoured Unix from it (basic as it is). Unfortunately, I dont really have the space for it now so would like to rehome it - failing that it'll be skipped next weekend.

HP 9000/340 box :
   68030 processor & math co-pro
   16 MB RAM
   video board,
   GPIB & HP/IL interfaces
   10 base 2 Ethernet

HP 7959B GPIB hard disk box
   170 MB disk with HP/UX 9 installed & working

HP 9144 GPIB tape drive
    several ~100 MB tape cartridges

All in good working order with cables etc. Boots into HP Vue (X windows)
Should drive any multisync monitor that has BNC inputs & can take
sync-on-green (e.g. Iiyama VM Pro 17).

Unfortunately I have no HP/IL keyboards or mice but you can get into over a
serial console.

www.avontoun.co.uk/hp for pics - it's quite a heavy piece of equipment -
pick up by arrangement from my work in Leith.

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