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Re: [edlug] Learning php5 - and perl6?

On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 02:34:43AM -0800, Samsara wrote:
> Is the same true of Perl5 vs. Perl6 (the latter
> stable, can coexist?)
Perl 6? where did you get a hold of that!?

heh, Perl 6 is still in language conception stages and the runtime engine that it will
run upon is still being developed too. So it is possible to run perl 6, however it's very 
limited at the moment. If you want to keep track of perl 6 development you should
check out piers crawleys 'This week in perl 6' column on the perl.com site.
You can also checkout http://www.parrotcode.org which is also integral but funky
in its own right. Will provide a virtual machine engine that people are already using
to try and port other languages to, like php, python, ruby etc.

Another peice of information which may be of intrest is that YAPC::EU, the european
perl conference is being hosted in Belfast this year. http://belfast.yapc.org

-Scott McWhirter- | -kunguftr-
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