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Re: [edlug] MySql database backup

> Hello all before i start askin my little question let me introduce my self my
> name is Paul McClung and im a computing student who has been usin linux on
> and off for a few years now but am not very good at it. Anyway im wandering
> if anyone can help me with backing up several sql database that i created on
> my server for several websites. Im new to sql and only managed to set them up
> using commands from a redhat book however i now need to change my distro and
> want to make a copy of these to go with the websites that i have already
> backed up but have no idea where to start. I realise i am probably being a
> bit to general here but if you tell me what info you need i will provide it.
> Thanks and any help is much appreciated.

So long as the database is not being written to, you can just copy all the
database files. (There are THREE files to copy for each table).

If you want to be sure the database is not being written to then you can
just stop mysqld.

This is not very useful if your database is very large or very busy but if
it is a small installation or for testing purposes then this can be much
easier to do than setting up complex scripts.


Alistair Riddell - BOFH
Microsoft - because god hates us
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