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Re: [edlug] Failing hdd and mystery crash

On Friday, March 5, 2004, at 09:20 am, Peter G. Hancock wrote:

That doesn't make any sense; after all e2fsck just calls "badblocks"

Oh, sorry. I wasn't aware e2fsck called badblocks.

On the other hand, the distinction I made makes perfect sense.
Checking file-system on-disk structures for consistency is different
from checking the health of a disk partition.  Doing the first
(without something like -c) might expose some errors in the second,
but if it doesn't, it doesn't follow the partition's healthy.

Ok, I agree, all fine-and-dandy. However, I wasn't trying to use e2fsck to fix the filesystem, but rather to get those pesky badblocks lists into that damn inode :-) So, is there some option I can pass to one of the ext2 family of programs which will allow me to check that the badblocks inode has been updated? Also, is the "bad magic" message given by e2dump (as mentioned previously) when I try to use it to dump the number 2 inode something to worry about?

I will, of course, stop bothering you all soon and head on out to the wild blue yonder of usenet. Any recommendations for a Linux news group which isn't full of newbie questions? *My* question could of course by regarded as a newbie question by some, but I do find that a lot of the Linux groups are chock-a-block with reams of basic questions.

Mike http://www.houseofmoran.com/blog/

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