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[edlug] Some thoughts about EdLUG

Hi all,

Bob Kerr organised a very enjoyable meeting last night, with demonstrations of 
a Knoppix 3.3 install to hard disc, and of his CD writing machine. Thanks, 

There was a certain amount of discussion also, leading on from last month's 
unfortunate dispute. My impression is that a degree of concensus has emerged 
	No one has a generally accepted method (or justification) for EdLUG to be 
converted into a formal organisation with a voting system;
	the work done by people like Ian, Faye, Alistair, Peter, Bob... needs to be 
	EdLUG can act as an umbrella group under which sub-groups with or without 
formal structure can be formed.
	the group who meet at pubs at monthly intervals are such a sub-group, and are 
not "EdLUG" (many of whose members live outside Edinburgh).

This is probably just stating the obvious, so I will shut up now.

All the best,


PS I second all Andrew's comments about The Holyrood.
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