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Re: [edlug] Failing hdd and mystery crash

Peter G. Hancock wrote:
man badblocks?

Ok doke, I've done the whole badblocks thing, and lo-and-behold it found 10 bad blocks. However, when I try to get e2fsck to fix them (from within a knoppix boot), using the "-c" option, the final output says "0 bad blocks", amongst the normal summary. What gives?

I've managed to glean from googling and man pages that the bad block info is stored, by default, in inode 2. So, I've been trying to dump this to see if it contains anything. However, "debugfs" seems only to want to dump inodes which map to a file, whilst "e2dump" complains about "bad magic". Any hints on how I can confirm that the bad block inode is being updated?



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