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[edlug] Postfix forwarding ..

Hi all,

  I have an interesting Postfix problem which I
 can't quite get to grips with.
  I'm trying to setup an SMTP proxy which will
 sit between the internet and an internal pair
 of mail servers.
  What I'd like to do is have a couple of 
 mapfiles which will specify which internal
 machine the mail should be delivered to.
  I want to be able to look at the recipient(s)
 of incoming mail, and forward it to one of two 
 internal mail servers - bouncing all messages 
 which aren't explicitly allowd.
  For example I wish to have a mapfile like
   user1@xxx.xxx.xxx  -> internal server 1
   user2@xxx.xxx.xxx  -> internal server 2
  user3@xxx.xxx.xxx isn't explicitly mentioned
 anywhere so it should just be bounced back
 to the sender.
  Forwarding blindly I can manage, but more
 than that is stumping me.  (Although I have
 got clamav scanning for viruses so I'm not
 totally lost :)

# Debian Security Audit Project

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