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RE: [edlug] Free Polling CGI's

Ah of course,that would affect us as well. Interesting.
Thing is as well, you could find the best technical solution, put legwork into implementing it, and then only a proportion of the list would use it, others would knock it down, and others would deny validity of any result anyway, as we have seen, So it's questionable really wether it's worth the effort.
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	Only allowing one vote from a single IP isn't the way forward
	though. For example all hosts at csl.co.uk appear to have the same IP
	and thus multiple members from these hosts wouldn't get a vote.
	Making use of the "X-Forwarded-For" HTTP header to differentiate
	between users with the "same IP" on different machines is a step
	forward. However I managed to bust this on the last poll by using my
	Linux box and a VMWare WinXP session running inside it (with a
	different IP)...
	Just pointing out the technicalities - not interested in the vote!!

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