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[edlug] Free Polling CGI's

There are tonnes of free-cgi programs out there that can mitigate against multiple voting by IP.
http://www.cgi-world.com/pollit.html  for example.
10 minute setup I expect, it's not rocket science. I may have 10 minutes in June to give it another go. 
I guess there will be scores more free-cgi's or sourceforge stuff out there that put's even more/different barriers in the way to put off multiple voters. Google has the answers.
If any EdLuggers want to experiment,you can use the edlug space/cgi-bin etc on our training server. 

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	That may be so. I am prepared to ignore the possibility of people registering with the list 50 times just to skew a poll, though perhaps I underestimate how sad some people can be.
	We may need a way to let the membership as a whole express an opinion, the only identifier we have is an email address. If need be we can ask the listmeister to take a snapshot of the membership.
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	Ed wrote:
	> Just in case it becomes necessary, do we have a usable group
	> polling method e.g. accept up to 1 vote from each registered email
	> address on the list? 
	Even if a valid decision had been made to accept such
	decision-making methods as valid, no such method is available.
	Subscriptions need not be in a one-to-one relationship with members.
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