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Re: RE: [edlug] Next Meeting

I made an offlist query to the listmeister, it seems there may not be that many who dropped off. Allowing for normal attrition there may be as few as 2 who left as a result of the recent 'spat'. However, there are no records so we can't be sure.

My offer to help mend things was taken as an offer to run the process and Bob and Fenn offered to help out. That's not I meant to offer to do but I am happy to kick things off.

I will go through the smouldering embers of the posting backlog and extract all points raised and attempt to edit these into a set of topics which need resolution. I will send this by Fenn and Bob and post to the list with some of our suggestions of what to do next.

I will try to do this in the next couple of weeks.

Just in case it becomes necessary, do we have a usable group polling method e.g. accept up to 1 vote from each registered email address on the list?

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1) Is anyone going to make a concerted effort to go around all the folk that
dropped off the list...
2) How do we 'solve' the problems that the group (defined as the totality of
the mailing list, present and recent past) has...
3) Aargh!



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