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RE: [edlug] OT: Linux-Windows datastructure exchange C++

Thanks Tim.

A useful lead... i'm amazed at how many people want to post a ton of
stuff (which i already happen to know) without even looking at the

You say:

The MS equivalent is
  #pragma pack

This will presumably pack all the data structures within its scope. Do
you know if theres a way to be more selective over which datastructures
are packed.


On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 16:49, Tim Day wrote:
> > You really, REALLY, shouldn't be trying to do this; ideally 
> > you need to
> > marshall binary data across a network connection, to handle 
> > endianness,
> > packing, alignment etc. Use CORBA or DCOM with C++, (if there 
> > is a Linux
> > DCOM implementation), or RMI etc. with Java. 
> Whoah!  Hold it right there.  The technologies you list are clever stuff,
> and have their applications but for simplicity and reliability there's
> nothing beats TCP & UDP.  Do you think the internet would actually
> work any better if it was all built on top of CORBA/DCOM/RPC/RMI ? 
> I don't.  
> KISS: If all he wants to do is get a struct (without any embedded
> pointers) from A to B, then provided he pays attention to packing and
> (too often forgotten in these x86 dominated times) endianness (aka
> "network byte order") ie defines the protocol on the wire then
> why the need for anything more complex.
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