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RE: [edlug] MySql database backup


You want to use mysqldump:


It is a utility that comes with a normal mysql installation and should just
be available from the command line.


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> Subject: MySql database backup
> Date: Wednesday 03 Mar 2004 10:21 pm
> From: Paul McClung
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> Hello all before i start askin my little question let me 
> introduce my self my name is Paul McClung and im a computing 
> student who has been usin linux on and off for a few years 
> now but am not very good at it. Anyway im wandering if anyone 
> can help me with backing up several sql database that i 
> created on my server for several websites. Im new to sql and 
> only managed to set them up using commands from a redhat book 
> however i now need to change my distro and want to make a 
> copy of these to go with the websites that i have already 
> backed up but have no idea where to start. I realise i am 
> probably being a bit to general here but if you tell me what 
> info you need i will provide it. Thanks and any help is much 
> appreciated.
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