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RE: [edlug] OT: Linux-Windows datastructure exchange C++

> Whoah!  Hold it right there.  The technologies you list are clever stuff,
> and have their applications but for simplicity and reliability there's
> nothing beats TCP & UDP.  Do you think the internet would actually
> work any better if it was all built on top of CORBA/DCOM/RPC/RMI ?
> I don't.

Straw man: you wouldn't replace TCP/IP with distributed object protocols
which themselves are layered on top of a transport protocol.

Compared to the almighty kludges arising from trying to do things like
session management on top of stateless text-based protocols like HTTP?
Frankly, yes I do. Use the right tool for the job. TCP/IP is great as a
reliable(ish) means of getting network data from A-B. It's absolutely no use
at all if the data doesn't mean anything to the other end. There are plenty
of libraries to do network transport of binary data, pick one based on its
merits for your application and use it. Rolling your own is rarely

> KISS: If all he wants to do is get a struct (without any embedded
> pointers) from A to B, then provided he pays attention to packing and
> (too often forgotten in these x86 dominated times) endianness (aka
> "network byte order") ie defines the protocol on the wire then
> why the need for anything more complex.

Because if he had to ask a question like that, he clearly doesn't know what
he's doing and should be using a standard tool, rather than kludging low
level network transport code together which undoubtedly will fail to be
safe, architecture-independent, reliable and reusable.


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