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Re: [edlug] [Random Musings] EdLUG

You're not anywhere near Cupar are you?  We could start the CuparLUG at the 
Drookit Dug (don't worry, a ballot will be taken to check the suitability 
of the Drookit).

I live in Cupar but work in Edinburgh.  Have attended roughly three EdLUG 
pub meetings some time ago, give or take one, but have decided I prefer to 
get home at a reasonable time (plus I tend to work at home on a Thursday 
nowadays).  The mailing list is the most useful part, from my point of 


On Wed, 03 March, 2004 15:36, Barrie Dempster wrote:
> Magnus Hagdorn wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > This is a somewhat follow up on the recent argument about EdLUG
> > structure which kicked up quite a bit of dust. So this message should
> > be seen in that context.
> > Anyway, I am quite amazed that there seems to be quite a number (I
> > recall at least 3) of EdLUG members who are not in or around Edinburgh.
> > So this seems to indicate that
> > a) EdLUG is quite a useful group, otherwise these people would look for
> > a different LUG
> > and
> > b) socials are nice but not the defining bit.
> > Cheers
> > magi
>   Im closer to the ST Andrews LUG, but I choose to participate in EdLUG
> because it seemed more active.

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