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RE: [edlug] OT: Linux-Windows datastructure exchange C++

> You really, REALLY, shouldn't be trying to do this; ideally 
> you need to
> marshall binary data across a network connection, to handle 
> endianness,
> packing, alignment etc. Use CORBA or DCOM with C++, (if there 
> is a Linux
> DCOM implementation), or RMI etc. with Java. 

Whoah!  Hold it right there.  The technologies you list are clever stuff,
and have their applications but for simplicity and reliability there's
nothing beats TCP & UDP.  Do you think the internet would actually
work any better if it was all built on top of CORBA/DCOM/RPC/RMI ? 
I don't.  

KISS: If all he wants to do is get a struct (without any embedded
pointers) from A to B, then provided he pays attention to packing and
(too often forgotten in these x86 dominated times) endianness (aka
"network byte order") ie defines the protocol on the wire then
why the need for anything more complex.

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