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Re: [edlug] Next Meeting

Alistair Murray suggested that all three events merge at the Holyrood. No one opposed this or felt that either of the other events should continue separately.

I'll be at the Holyrood,


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Subject: [edlug] Next Meeting

Not wanting to start another flamewar or add confusion again, but just wondering what the final plans are for this Thursday.
Normally of course Faye would have confirmed this already, but she's left the list because of last weeks list shenanigans, along with quite a few others.
If my memory serves me from recent discussions, Thursday's lineup could be looking something like;
6.30PM - Holyrood Tavern - Bob Kerr, 'Knoppix Install Demonstration'
8.00PM - Standing Order - 'Constitutional Affairs Meeting'
9.00PM - The World - 'Drinking and Talking About Linux'
I may have the exact times wrong and I've made up the 'titles' a bit, but I think it was something like this.
Any thoughts?
FYI, the finger in te air free-cgi poll is currently loking like this;
I'm not sure what conclusions the other two poll results have drawn, but it might be interesting to find out/collate results.
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