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[edlug] Library Bulletin


At each EdLUG meeting from now on, I will have two or three featured titles 
which people may find interesting. This month's features are:

GNU Bash Reference Manual, published by the Free Software Foundation.
	This volume covers a lot of ground in only 170 pages. Although the tone is
	dry, almost any Bash user will find something of interest.
	Scientists have proven that we only use 5% of our Bash, so here is your 
	chance to unleash that hidden power!

Crypto, by Steven Levy (The author of "Hackers").
	A non-technical account of the development of cryptography for public
	use. It covers the work of people like Diffie, Hellman and Zimmerman, and
	the role of the US NSA. It also talks about the "Clipper Chip" idea and
	how that failed in the end.


Also at Thursday's meeting, the library will accept five new titles:

 A Book on C
 Java Enterprise in a Nutshell
 Palm Organizers Visual QuickStart Guide
 Palm Programming : The Developer's Guide
 The LaTeX Companion

This will bring our total of donors to six. Full details of these titles will 
appear in the next catalogue, but they will be available for loan from 
tomorrow evening.


And finally, tomorrows meeting will host the ceremonial "handing over of the 
invoice" for "Running Linux", the first title bought for the library with 
EdLUG funds. The librarian and treasurer will shake hands and smile for the 
cameras. Any available babies will be kissed. If no babies are available, 
babes may be kissed instead. (See you there, Alistair, babe!)


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