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[edlug] FW: [Ossig] ScotlandIS commercial software v open source software debate


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	Hello all
	Many thanks to all who responded with suggestions for the debate. Please see
	below some of the missing details, and following this information a plea for
	some contribution for some promotional press....
	Thursday 25th March, Edinburgh (city centre venue tbc)
	17.30 registration/refreshments
	18.00 kick off - intro from Euan Robertson, Deputy Chair, ScotlandIS -
	acting as Chair throughout the debate
	18.05 Bradley Tipp, U.K. National Systems Engineer, Microsoft
	18.25 IBM UK for open source
	18.45 Questions from the audience
	19.15 Refreshments/Networking
	20.00 Close
	There will be an opportunity to contribute to the delegate packs, so for
	those who wanted to, please get in touch with me off list.
	We are grateful to Melville Craig, who will be sponsoring the event.
	There will be no charge to attend the debate, and it would be great to see
	all of you, and your customers and colleagues along. I shall send out the
	confirmed venue details as soon as I have them. If you want to pre-register,
	please email me direct on julie.anderson@xxx.xxx.xxx
	And now for some hard work for you. Thanks to the guys at NetResources, we
	have secured a full page event preview in the next issue of Computer
	Headline. As is the way of these things, my deadline is extremely short. If
	anyone would like to offer a contribution in terms of a quote on why the
	topic of commercial v's open source software is important in the Scottish
	business market place (therefore how great the event will be ;o) !! ), and
	offer it from the perspective of the OSSIG collective (Andrew?) I'd be
	extremely grateful.
	Microsoft  and IBm and Melville Craig should also be contributing, and of
	course, ScotlandISshall pull it alltogether with an editorial thread...
	Do we have an OSSIG logo I can use yet?
	Thanks for reading this far - that's all for now.
	Julie Anderson
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