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Re: [edlug] f-spot

I'm afraid I can't answer your question exactly, but I've found F-Spot to be a little limited. I've recently started using digiKam which is much more fully featured - you may have more luck with this application...


On 30/07/10 13:40, Andrew Smith wrote:
I've  introduced a laptop user to Ubuntu after the hasrd drive failed.
The machine successfully detects an XD card in the slot, but F-Spot
seems to have to be deficient, and I need confirmation of my observations:
1. The FAT16 files with a 2010 date are being imported into a 2054

2. The desire is to move the files off the XD card to the laptop,
leaving the card empty for re-use. F-Spot only appears to do a copy, not
a move!

Can anyone comment on the above please. From my own camera, I usually
mount the SD card manually and move the images into my own directory
structure, where I run a script which uses the /reduce/ program to scale
the images to a size more suitable for email attachment.


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