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[edlug] Ridiculously cheap 2TB USB external hard disk

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'Evenin', All

I thought I would share this curiosity with you: I have an old Seagate disk with a wopping 214MB capacity. Well, it was wopping-ish when it came with a 486SX machine that ran Windows 85 (mid-1990s). I hooked it up to my Linux box a while since and got the files I needed off it. This evening I thought I would check to see if there really was nothing else I want on the disk, and hooked it up to my iBook. Mac OS X can't read it, apparently, so I opened Disk Utility, which found the disk and reported it as a 2TB external USB disk! Does anyone have an explanation for this? I was wondering if it had anything to do with the smaller sector size (512B, I think) or the FAT.

Just curious, but I'd be interested to hear anyone's thoughts.

Best wishes,


PS A quick check with Google indicates that if I give it a good polish, I might even be able to sell it for the price of something with the same number of Gigs!

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