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Re: [edlug] bbq

 On 27/07/2010 11:18, Dr. Funkensteinberg wrote:
>> I've done a lot of asking around to find a suitable venue for a bbq with no
>> luck.  If anyone knows of a suitable location please get in touch within the
>> next 7 days.  If there is no venue suggestions by next weekend then we will
>> have to go another year without one.
>> As in my previous email, we require somewhere with a place to set up a
>> cooking area, somewhere to sit (grass, beach etc), access to toilets
>> including disabled access, possible access to drinking water (though we
>> could bring that with us in bottles).  Shelter in case the weather turns bad
>> whilst not a requrement would be an advantage.
> Bruntsfield links has a couple of tiled areas which have BBQ written
> on them, which would suggest legality.
> It also has a public lavvy with disabled access, benches, and nearby
> pubs in case of rain.
> I know all this because I had all the aforementioned requirements last
> weekend, and used them all!

Sounds like a plan.

Shall we pick a date?


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