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Re: [edlug] Backup mail server

On Mon Jul 26 2010 10:12 +0100, James wrote:
> My webhost used to offer a back-up secondary mail server, that would
> simply store and forward email in the event that your primary email server
> was offline. It did very basic spam checks to.
> We are setting up a email server at my job and I wandered if any company
> offered this service? Should be an easy and cheap service to offer,
> really.

I'd advise against that approach.  Your backup server should have the
same policies applied to it that your primary server does.  It needs to
know which are real email accounts, and take the same approach on spam
filtering, otherwise you'll end up with a load more spam.  Spammers
regularly target the highest priority (backup) mx server as they know
that often these are less strict on filtering and will often accept mail
to non-existent accounts on a domain.

And if your backup if going to have the same settings as your primary,
why make it a backup?  Why not give both servers the same priority and
spread the mail load?


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