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Re: [edlug] Ubuntu bug reporting

On Sat, Jul 24, 2010 at 01:47:04AM +0100, Andrew Smith wrote:
> I want to report  what I think are bugs,but want it confirmed that
> thisis done through launchpad,as its not too clear to me.

Yes, bugs in ubuntu should be reported through launchpad, in theory a
triager will then confirm it and poss it upstream if it's not
something introduced by ubuntu patches. You can shortcut that if you
want to confirm the problem comes from upstream yourself (probably by
getting the source from upstream and compiling it yourself). 

> The bugs are:
> 1. k3b - the --datacd option no longer works.

That might not be a bug but rather a reorganisation of how they handle
command line options. I'd have a read through the release notes of the
versions since the one where you know it did work and see if there is
anything about it. Also have a look at the documentation to see if
there is a new way to do what you wanted. 

> 2. wodim - I get device in use when using /dev/cdrw, and errors on the
> blank=option.

The first problem is probably ubuntu specific. You might be able to
get an idea what's using /dev/cdrw with:
    lsof | grep /dev/cdrw

Hope that helps,

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