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Re: [edlug] Ubuntu bug reporting

Try the ubuntu-bug utility. If you know the specific package, e.g.
wodim, you can type

ubuntu-bug wodim

It's not very helpful when you don't know the package that there is a problem with, though.


On 24/07/10 01:47 Andrew Smith wrote:

I want to report what I think are bugs,but want it confirmed that thisis done through launchpad,as its not too clear to me. The bugs are: 1. k3b - the --datacd option no longer works.

2. wodim - I get device in use when using /dev/cdrw, and errors on the

k3b used to work before an update. I'm fairly new to wodim after
previously using cdrecord.
k3b works quite well,but I like automating tasks, and removing the user

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