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[edlug] Free Books

I'm having a clear out and thought I would give you lot first dibs before I recycle this lot.

Some stuff is quite old so I don't expect to get rid of all of it. If anything takes your fancy let me know.

Linux Magazine Issue 1 (Oct 2000) to 31 (June 2003)
Palm Pilot, The Ultimate Guide - O'Reilly ISBN 1-56592-420-7
Teach Yourself C, 3rd edition - Osbourne ISBN 0-07-882311-0
Programming in C - Bernard Babani Books ISBN 0-85934-435-5Expert Systems, Principle and Programming - PWS publishing
Digital Electronics for Scientists - Published 1969!
Pascal Precisely - Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-41633-6
Teach Yourself C in 24 hours - SAMS Publishing ISBN 0-672-31068-6
SuSE Linux 6 manual which came with the distro, you can also have the distro
An introduction to Positive Economics ISBN 0-297-76507-8
Using Linux 3rd Edition - QUE ISBN 0-7897-1132-X

This last one includes Caldera Open Linux on the CD! A piece of history.

Anyway, anything that doesn't go to a good home will be binned if old, or maybe go to charity shop if it's on any use.

Take what you like, first come first served.

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