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Re: [edlug] camera control

A. Zelter wrote:

Thanks for the ideas. That looks interesting but I'm afraid I'll need better resolution than a webcam. Movies are not a necessity, but good quality still images are. I'm under the impression that webcams aren't built to deliver the kind of still image quality a 3MP digital camera will give. If it would, a webcam based solution would be great.

Not sure you'll ever get a webcam based solution at that resolution . . . most CCD based DV cams are only up to 1Mpix . . . no need for 3Mpix for moving video . . . most webcams are a lot less than that . . .

Not sure that what you're after (specifically resolution) is even available at all . . . I have a Nikon D70 digital SLR, 6Mpix res but even it's remote control capability is only - "take a picture and send me the data" - no zoom control, no metering control, etc . . . and that's only availabe on 'doze AFAIK . . .

Intersting subject tho . . . my current spare time project is a motion tracking video system on linux . . . v4l, motion analysis stuff and some external DIY hardware . . . a camera that follows you around the room . . . getting there . . . slowly ;-)


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