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Re: [edlug] the letter to acomp RK CDs

Faye Gibbins wrote:


Anand and myself have brain stormed a letter to accompany Bob Kerr's OpenOffice CD's he plans to send out. Here is the text. Constructive comments are welcome but I intent to complete it this weekend. After talking to several members at the pub (more later) we feel that it would be best signed off "EdLUG Committee".


Looks good.

You could also include text links to OSS sites to help drive the message home.



is not hard even for the lazy to type in.

I guess the fact that OSS can be high quality as well as free may be one of the hardest parts to get across. Conventional non-OSS culture is pervaded by the idea that "free" ==> "there must be a catch" ==> "it's probably rubbish".

My experiences in handing out copies of the GNUWIN CD - in person and in Christmas cards - have been mixed. While most people are appreciative of being given something, many were a bit confused about what it was, and at least one person never even bothered to see what it was (I'm less than chuffed about that, but I suppose it's part of the package in trying to enlighten people when they didn't ask to be). Admittedly this was just the naked CD with no supporting docs and without the high production quality of the Open Office CD - which helps a lot.

Another possibility is that having been given the free software, some may expect free training and close support too! Again this is a minority reaction, but it can happen.


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