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[edlug] swap errors under RedHat8

Can anybody help?
I am getting these messages in /var/log/messages:

Jan 27 08:31:52 server1 kernel: swap_dup: Bad swap file entry 00000008
Jan 27 08:31:52 server1 kernel: swap_free: Bad swap file entry 00000008

I saw these a while back and changed the partition I was swapping
on, but the messages have come back. I have checked both partitions
are ok with the 'badblocks' command (while not being used).
I have run mkswap on both partitions!

Looking on the web I can't see anything that can tell me exactly
what this means. I am running RAID5 and it has got me wondering if
it is a good idea to have the swap partition(s) on a RAID5 system. This
would surely mean that the swap partition(s) would be spread across
all the disks. Would I be better having a separate disk for swap?
Saying that, I have 2 servers set up the same way and they both seem
reasonably fast and the other is showing no errors like this.

Any ideas on the best way forward anyone?

By the way I am running RedHat8.0 and using kernel 2.4.20-27.8smp on
athlon processors.



Ross Macintyre (raz@xxx.xxx.xxx)
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