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Re: [edlug] USB Driver conflict?

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 14:10:13 +0000
Colin Kupris <C.Kupris@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:

> Anyhow the printer is now working but my problem is every time i load the
> uhci-hcd module it kills my usb keyboard.

Perhaps until you load the USB driver, your keyboard is functioning
via the BIOS USB Keyboard support (causing the BIOS to simulate a PS/2
keyboard for you)?

The fact that your host controller module is called uhci-hcd implies
that you're running a 2.6.x kernel, so you should just have to load
the "hid" module before loading the uhci-hcd module in order to get
USB keyboard support.

modprobe hid
modprobe uhci-hcd

2.4.x requires the "input" module to be loaded as well.

If you want these modules auto-loaded on boot, put the module names in
/etc/modules (works with most distros).


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