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Re: [edlug] php mysql help needed urgent,

El mar, 27-01-2004 a las 11:07, John McAulay escribió:
> I need to find someone who is an expert in php to help me out with a 
> web site. I've got the design done, but I'm having problems with the 
> php. I was wondering if any body would want to tackle writing the php 
> for a search page (with results on same page) and a page to display the 
> details of whatever result the person wants to look at. There is also a 
> bit of work to be done to get it to convert from html to pdf using 
> software called "HTMLDOC".

there is a cgi called htdig which indexes every webpage on you site
(with a cron job) and a cgi interface, we use it in our LUG web site
(www.linuca.org and www.linuca.org/htdig/) . Pretty easy to configure
and can be tweaked to fit your web design. No programming needed.

We also use htmldoc to generate pdf versions of our faqs/news/etc. The
relevant piece of code is as simple as this :

# cut cut cut

header("Content-Type: application/pdf"); 
header("Content-Disposition: attachment;");
passthru("htmldoc --format pdf " .
        "--headfootsize 9 --header 't l' --footer '/' " .
        "--size 'a4' --fontsize 10 --charset 8859-15 " .
        "--logoimage /home/httpd/linuca/linuca-mini.png " .
        "--webpage http://linuca.org/news.php?id=".$s_nIdNoticia);

and that's all :-)

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