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Re: [edlug] Adoption of Open Source.

 --- John Sadler <jms1@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote: > Talking
to one IT manager about converting to open
> source he said the problem was not that it would be
> advantageous to him.
> The problem is most staff are so used to Microsoft
> that they automatically do things the Microsoft way
> and use the idiosyncratic short cuts they have
> learnt.
> So when presented with a slightly different
> interface without their favourite short cuts they
> were decidedly unhappy.
> So the problem is not the performance of open source
> software, but the money and time lost in getting
> staff to use the software.
> It would seem if the open source software want to
> break Microsoft dominance they are going to have to
> produce clones in appearance and operation (as far
> as the user is concerned.)
> You can bet your bottom dollar that anybody who
> distributes a Microsoft clone will be perused by the
> United States in the free world.
> So that is the catch 22 

For MS IT people whose value is dependent on the
continuation of the status quo to adopt an alternative
would be like the proverbial turkeys voting for

On the other side of the coin, I suspect many *nix
users take a not altogether healthy pride in their
mastery of obscure commands.

How many of us can really say we always advocate the
best solution versus the one we are most comfortable
with? It cuts both ways. And what is the best
solution? Whose best solution is it - users, admins,

Just my 2c

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