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Re: [edlug] Short Talk for next meeting

Nigel Barker wrote:

I think Open Source attracts a wide spectrum of political thought. Witness
the postings to Slashdot unhappy that Bob was including the Declaration of
Human Rights on his Open Office CD.

What I love about OSS more than anything is that it is a glimpse of hope for the world. That might sound facile and trite but in a world deluged with negativity, bad news and conflict, it represents a universe of co-operation that has transcended national and cultural boundaries, and has delivered something of awesome quality, consistency, reliability, has facilitated communication. OSS to me is the embodiment of the BBC's 'And nation shall speak peace unto nation'.

It just seems bizarre to be on the internet reading a solution to a problem posted by one person in Arizona, responded to by a person in Hyderabad, and commented on by a person in Oslo. And then turning on the radio to find out that this is a world in conflict.

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