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Re: [edlug] Short Talk for next meeting

Bob Kerr wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I have invited Patrick Harvie Member of the Scottish Parliament (Green Party) along to our next meeting. I have asked him to give a very brief talk (5mins). He has agreed to do this.

Patrick uses SUSE and would be interested to meet people and have an informal discussion on Linux and other people in the Free software and Open source communities.

I thought that this may be an interesting chance to get a insight into how our Parliament works and I believe he has a number of questions about software that he would like answered too.



I think it is fascinating to open up some of the strong ideological undercurrents that underpin the open source and FSF efforts. I find it quite hard to communicate to people in my life how and why I find these things important , and more importantly why others should consider them important too.

Having said that, OSS is getting more and more press attention, especially since the SCO debacle, and barely a copy of The Economist passes without a mention. Perhaps people need to understand the issues more, and I think it's great that we have a green MSP involved!

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