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Re: [edlug] ghosting linux images

Gallagher, Kevin said:
> Has anyone ever ghosted a linux image? Any recomendations? I am planning
> on
> rolling out a lab of identically spec'd machines and have begun to think
> about the issues involved. I have used Symantec Ghost v7.5 successfully to
> ghost one PC so far.

I gave up on ghost cos 1. it costs money and 2. it doesn't always work.
the easiest way is summarised as follows:

boot off a (redhat) cd and select 'linux rescue' and choose 'skip' so that
you get a shell prompt. actually here is what I do:
1. Boot From CDROM
2. Make partition table on local disk
3. Enable networking to get image(image created earlier using dump)
4. Make file system(s)
5. Restore image to partition
6. Tweak the image(change IP address and hostname, and run lilo)
and that's it.

I have a more detailed document if anyone wants it.
This works perfectly for identical machines, and even machines with
different hardware work fine cos of 'kudzu'.


Ross Macintyre (raz@xxx.xxx.xxx)
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