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Re: [edlug] Donating CD's to Edinburgh Council

Bob Kerr wrote:

As part of an Open Source Awareness program, I am going to donate a copy of the LendingCD and a copy of TheOpenCD to every Edinburgh City Councillor.

I have about 40 now of some properly pressed copies of the TheOpenCD [1] which nice colour sleeves. People trust the software more if cdrom is properly pressed it seems. And covers look really good.

I have yet to make a cardboard display holder with some blurb for selling the in Word Power bookshop [2] at the counter but you can already ask as they are a couple behind the counter for £2.50. The idea of DVD cases would make sense for ease of handling and presentation in bookshops as well as libs.

If people catch me in person and I am trying to make sure I always have some on me, I sell them for £1.50 each, but can be haggled, but I rarely make it to EdLUG meetings. So not sure when any of you would see me.

I have vague ideas of doing a paste table stall on the street in town with petition about Patents. Leaflets about issues such as free software in government/education contracts, DRM, the new police powers to enter premises and seize computers with unlicensed software on which crept in as amendments to 1988 copyright act [3], etc. And make it worth my while by flogging cdroms of free (as in freedom) software. Whether this happens is another matter but it would be good to get me out of house away form my computer and talking to people. Take the debate from just slashdot [4] to the streets. I am curious to what reaction I would get. Probably ignored but maybe not by enough to make worthwhile.

As for the letter from EdLUG to decision makers, I myself would hold back from involving myself in developing or endorsing a collective letter from EdLUG as I don't feel part of EdLUG enough. Why don't you just make it a letter not from EdLUG but just a collective group of us in Edinburgh who sign as individuals ( which will obviously include many from EdLUG). From what I understand of EdLUG to have it produce a collective letter is to move EdLUG to a level it does not really function at now and I think choices not to function at. But may I am mis judging the group.



[1] http://www.theopencd.org [2] http://www.word-power.co.uk [3] http://www.fraw.org.uk/mobbsey/pdfs/gn_copyright_users.pdf [4] http://www.slashdot.org

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