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Re: [edlug] ghosting linux images

On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 04:47:02PM -0000, Gallagher, Kevin wrote:

> Has anyone ever ghosted a linux image? Any recomendations? I am planning on
> rolling out a lab of identically spec'd machines and have begun to think
> about the issues involved. I have used Symantec Ghost v7.5 successfully to
> ghost one PC so far.

  I've used System Imager (http://www.systemimager.org/) to create and
 mass install Debian machines and Windows 2000 machines (using
 sysprep.exe) in my current job.

  I've not used Ghost specifically, but assuming that it recognises
 the partition types, it should work well.

  I've been flirting with offering User Mode Linux hosting for the 
 past few months and it did occur to me that I could use ghost/similar
 to install the UML images upon a "real" machine if people wanted to
 switch to a co-located box and keep their data ..

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