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If applying please quote "Faye Gibbins #347283"

JOB TITLE	Information Security Analyst	
DEPARTMENT	IT Information Security	
LOCATION	Edinburgh	
SALARY	Within Level 3	
VACANCY CONTACT NAME FOR FURTHER INFORMATION	 If you are interested in applying and would like more information please contact:  Rahet Forret 	
APPLICATION DETAILS	Send your completed application form, together with an updated CV and your last performance & development/monthly review, to:            $IF - HR Recruitment         FAO Shelley Fleming  Please note that when applying for the above vacancy you must send your application to your Line Manager who will be required to support your application in full.   Please also note that late applications will not be accepted and displaced colleagues will be given priority for this vacancy.    	

VACANCY PROFILE   Role Purpose  To provide in-depth technical expert knowledge, support and advice in the delivery of cost effective IT security and risk management to the business, and to ensure compliance with the appropriate IT security policies and standards. 

 Qualification & Knowledge  * Relevant degree or professional experience. * 4 - 6 years experience of IT, within a large IT organisation. * Experience of IT Security desirable. * 3 - 4 years experience of the full range of the Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, Access, Exchange) * A strong working knowledge of all IT Technologies with a specific focus on Security technologies. * CISSP qualification desirable  Key Responsibilities  * Provide detailed technical input (via recommendations/proposals) to the development of an overall security   strategy (both functional and technical) and architecture, including advice on Group Security Standards and defining IT security arrangements. * Provide on request technical specialist advice and support to key customers ensuring that Group Security Standards and requirements are understood and complied with, in co-operation with Group IT Security Services. * Ensure the development and delivery of Technical Security Reviews for Intelligent Fina!
 nce live environments and development activities, in co-operation with Group IT Security Services. * Lead on request, the development and provision of research information to enable security requirements to be understood and implications established, including the provision of regular or ad-hoc reports as required.. * Lead the development and provision of proactive security vulnerability research (including analysis and assessment), in co-operation with Group IT Security Services, to ensure that the security of systems/networks is maintained. * Support information systems development projects, by providing specialist guidance in a timely and valuable manner.  * Identify and escalate potential security vulnerabilities and issues to Senior Management, and lead corrective action as appropriate. * Lead on request and/or initiate security support to security investigations and incidents, determining cause and proposing appropriate counter measures, including liaising with indivi!
 duals or groups outside IF as appropriate. * Manage and/or lead the im
plementation of complex IT Security projects to address security non-compliance issues.  * Maintain awareness of new security technologies, legislation and standards and be aware of new risks and vulnerabilities. * Manage workload (including others, where appropriate), identifying resourcing issues to ensure work is delivered on time, to budget and of the required quality. * Ensure the resolution of assigned Internal Audit actions. 
 Additional Information  This role is an excellent opportunity for an individual with excellent technical knowledge and background, and who wishes to diversify into a role that is very focused on managing risk within the business, influencing change in the process.   The successful candidate will need to be a 'self starter', and able to demonstrate the analytical skills required to identify, rationalise and present IT risk issues to a business audience, and to develop clear, pragmatic solutions to these issues.  They will also need to be an excellent communicator, and be able to respond to the challenge from senior management.    	


Faye Gibbins
Infrastructure and Platform Analyst.
IT Operations
Intelligent Finance
8 Lochside Avenue
EH12 9DJ
e-mail: fayegibbins@xxx.xxx.xxx




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