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[edlug] Donateing CD's to Edinburgh Council

As part of an Open Source Awareness program, I am going to donate a copy of the LendingCD and a copy of TheOpenCD to every Edinburgh City Councillor. There are 58 Councillors in all and I am going to write a letter concerning the lending CD in libraries project.

I am also willing to include a letter from Edlug. The only problem that I see is how does Edlug as a group write a letter. The letter must have a fixed and easily accomplishable goal for the council and if possible should be signed by the members.

An accomplishable goal would be something like sending the marketing pdf about Openoffice to council employees or even just the Personel/human resources department. For signing it we can either have a representative sign for all of us or we can have stated objectives on the Wiki which could be signed and after a specified date the Wiki page becomes read only.

Thoughts anyone ?



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