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[edlug] Movie Editors

Greetings and Happy new Year to EdLuG!

	Yes, Yes, I know it's the 20th of January (is it bad luck to say happy
new year after a particular time??) Anyhoo. I fancy creating some movies like
the one I did in dare I say it ... tum ...de ...dum... Windows Movie Maker!!

An example of what I'm on about can be seen at
http://www.aliross.co.uk/gallery/movies -- not for the faint hearted ;)

Basically all it is is some still photos with a few title screens and an mp3
backing it. Worked quite nice under WMM, only drawback was the format that the
resulting movie was in (WMV only -- poor quality, I guess due to compression).

Is there such a product available for Linux, that is free of charge?

Additionally, a really good but non-essential requirement for this would be
that it could run on a fairly low-spec machine (ie PII/450 with say 512MB ram).

Any answers much appreciated.




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