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[edlug] Venue News


Ed and I checked out a couple of Venues for future EdLUG meetings last
Thursday. We took a trip to visit the JMC bar at Pollock and the Auld

We were disappointed with the Moon Bar (JMC). As a venue for corporate
events is would so well. But there is a serious lake of soul. There was
a pool contest and a man playing a guitar and singing. We finished our
drinks and left quickly.

On the plus side the bar has lots of room in it along with ample space
for giving talks. It also has cheep beer. We asked at the bar if they
served food. They do basic pizzas and burgers, it wasn't a great
selection but it wasn't that expensive either.


The Auld Hoose [AH] is a completely different look and feel. It is
closer to how the Holyrood was. The land lady came and chatted to us
about our requirements.

The pub is not as big or modern as the Moon, but it is more easily
accessible to wheel chairs. The land lady told us that we could have
half the pub for our meetings on a Thursday night. Although both pubs
allow smokers to light up I did feel that the AH would be relatively
smoke free if EdLUG meetings where non-smoking.

There is a wider range of food at the AH.


I would suggest that we continue with the SO for the next meeting, but
that we give AH a chance by having a few of the people whom might most
object to it turn up two weeks after the next EdLUG to check it out.

Ed and anyone else interested are going to check our a couple more pubs

-- Yours Faye

This time she's the lesser of two evils.


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