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Re: [edlug] Looking for a new Distro

Vector Linux,

In reply to your problems with vector linux, I used to develop for them,
creating mostly config tools, but this lasted a very short while due to
the nature of their development cycle, ie... they don't have one.
Releases happen "when they feel the need to release" The communication
between developers was really bad too, I only ever got replies to emails I
sent, no chasing me up or asking how projects where coming along.

Not to completely down play their efforts, the distro isn't terribly bad
they are working on hacking anaconda for the upcoming releases and looking
into knoppix's hardware setup in order to make that more reliable. All in
all VL needs to mature a bit, if the team gets co-ordinated they could
have an impressive distro.

Barrie Dempster
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