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Re: [edlug] Kernel updates..

I am not that experienced that I can compile.. I will be trying with the
RPMs(if any) .
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Sent: Monday, January 19, 2004 5:45 PM
Subject: Re: [edlug] Kernel updates..

> I've done the upgrade on my Fedora Core 1 system.  The improvement over
> 2.4 is dramatic.  It all seems to be working too which is nice.  Last
> time I tried with RH9 it didn't work well at all but with FC1 it worked
> well after a few false starts to do with sound and network cards.  I did
> the build by using the example config file from the FC1 kernel source
> rpm (look in configs directory) and doing a make oldconfig with the new
> kernel source.  I downloaded the kernel source from the UK
> ftp.kernel.org mirror rather than trying to use any RPMs.  Works well.
> Compiled in preemption and that makes for a very smooth and speedy user
> experience, the X interface feels like it is gliding on ice it is so
> fast and smooth.
> I had no problems with sharing the / partition with 2.4 and 2.6, they
> happily boot although there is some disagreement about what ethernet
> card I have, 2.6 seems to recognise a new card but if I accept the new
> card it doesn't work so I just leave it as defined by 2.4 boot and tell
> it to ignore the new hardware.  The only other things I did in the build
> were to build the legacy /proc (don't know if it matters but I figured
> it was best to be safe) and also legacy OSS drivers instead of ALSA
> sound which didn't work with the rest of Fedora.
> Well worth it though, like I said before, 2.6 is the first kernel
> upgrade that has been truely impressive simply because it is so smooth
> and the transition from 2.4 to 2.6 has been much less trouble than
> previous kernel updates.  2.4 was a nightmare until it hit its mid
> teens, 2.2 was OK, 2.0 wasn't a huge improvement over 1.2 which was
> perhaps a bit better than 1.0 although this is of course all from having
> used Linux as my desktop since I installed slackware back in '94.  Oh
> hell, I just realised I have been using Linux for ten years now and all
> of that time, up until November it was my exclusive desktop too.  And
> now I have been converted to OS X, although I do still run Linux on my
> server and main desktop machine (which admittedly dual boots with XP) so
> I haven't completely gone nuts! :-)
> Shane
> deek wrote:
> > Have not looked into this yet, just thought I would ask question
> > How easy/difficult is it to change from 2.4 kernel to 2.6?  is it just a
> > case of "upgrading" or is there a lot more to it?
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