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[edlug] EdLUG News


This is the first of the EdLUG news letters I'll be sending out irregularly.


We now have printer. Generously donated by Andrew Beanes.


The two portable EdLUG servers have been delivered to my network by Bob Kerr. They are being integrated ATM.


A Fedora Core 1 UML session is almost ready for members to use on the EdLUG servers.


Mark Brown has volunteered to host EdLUGs primary DNS records. Thanks to Gordon Dick whom has updated our register records to reflect the change.


Anand has not only taken on the responsibility of being our O'Reilly contact for buying discounted books but has started the EdLUG library project. See our web pages soon for more details.


The search for a suitable venue continues. We may book Wednesdays at the SO for now.


There have been some recent changes to the core EdLUG members responsibilities a new list will be compiled for the next news letter.


EdLUG will soon have a signed GPG key. Members can then bring there own keys and have them signed with it. Watch the web site for more info coming soon. Thanks to Graeme et al at UoE for updating the GPG software on the primary EdLUG server.

-- Yours EdLUG Secretary

This time she's the lesser of two evils.


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